Wirecast Gear case study: Cornell Raises its Game Streaming Live Sports

We love streaming with our Wirecast Gear in our studio and have only amped up our productions since. Cornell University is also having the same positive experience as they stream their live sports with the Telestream Wirecast Gear. The system helps them deliver their live streams of their home games to the Ivy League Digital Network, ESPN3, and Facebook Live. The Wire@SVConline has the whole story here. Wirecast Gear is now regularly deployed to a variety of on-campus venues to cover a wide variety of Cornell Big Red sports. wirecast gear
“When you factor in that Wirecast Gear is a compact, self-contained device that’s ready to go in streaming situations, this greatly reduces the time and energy that must be devoted to packing up the gear, moving it and setting it up on site,” he added.
To move to the soccer, field hockey and wrestling venues, Wirecast Gear is packed into its specially designed travel case, which has room to store a 19-inch monitor and two or three cameras. And once on-site, it can be set up in minutes since it’s fully configured for live streaming. A second travel case is used to transport the audio equipment, including a PV6 6-input audio mixer, microphones, announcers’ headsets and more. This audio equipment feeds the 6-input audio mixer via XLR connections, while the mixer itself interfaces with Wirecast Gear via USB. In many cases, instant replay footage is ISO-recorded by one of the production cameras, and put onto the Wirecast timeline where it’s ready to go into the live show. In addition to the four camera inputs on Wirecast Gear, additional media assets, such as live graphics from Cornell’s specially designed branding library, can be brought into the live production over network device interface (NDI).
“Our reliance on Wirecast Gear is only going to grow, especially as we migrate to remote video over IP production. It’s extremely important to us that Wirecast Gear supports our future NDI-based roadmap. Its all-in-one design streamlines our training, set-up and operations, saving us a tremendous amount of time. With the ability to bring in four cameras, and enhance the video with real-time graphics, text, effects, and other professional touches, Wirecast Gear has dramatically elevated our production standards, making our Big Red live games that much more appealing to our valued fans.”
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