Wirecast Gear Hands-On Review

The value proposition for Telestream Gear is clear. You’re paying a premium for a system that’s configured and tuned by Telestream and clearly powerful enough for most productions. Given the mission-critical nature of most live event productions, it seems like a pretty good deal to me.
Telestream Wirecast is a highly featured and well respected desktop video mixer with one traditional Achilles Heel: CPU utilization is generally higher than competitive products on similarly configured computers. Though Telestream has narrowed the gap in recent Wirecast releases, successfully using all Wirecast features requires a powerful, finely tuned computer. To help Wirecast users acquire such a system, Telestream recently released its own bundled systems under the brand name Wirecast Gear (Figure 1, below). In this review, we put a test system through its paces. Gearing Up By way of background, there are three Gear versions: 110 ($4,995), 210 ($5,995), and 220 ($7,995), which vary by capture card and software offering. I tested the 210 version, which included a 4-port Magewell HD-SDI ProCapture board, 250GB system drive, a 500 GB SSD drive...[continue reading on Streamingmedia.com]

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