Wirecast into Zoom: A Workflow Guide

Zoom has been a valuable tool to keep communication during social distancing. But, if you are looking to create a professional looking stream or conference with Zoom, you might want to consider a multi-camera solution. This is where Wirecast comes into play.

Wirecast and Zoom User, Richard Zultner recently posted a great guide and video to brining Wirecast into Zoom. This will help you mix your output that feeds into your Zoom call. With Wirecast, you can add graphics, lower thirds, and mix more than one camera.

Zultner's Check List Included:

1. Launch Wirecast (or your live video production and virtual camera app) and start your virtual camera output. Make sure all the graphics, titles, cameras, images, and sound clips you need are loaded.
2. In Zoom, select the Wirecast virtual camera as your camera. Now whatever you “go live” with in Wirecast will be in your Zoom camera.
3. Professionally “produce” your Zoom session from Wirecast. A Zoom Assistant (ZA) is recommended to handle this for you, if you are the host in Zoom.

Richard Zultner

Check out the Video from the Facebook Post, Below:


Check out the full post HERE.

Learn more about Telestream HERE.

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