Wirecast Makes Going Pro With Facebook Live Easy

Stream to Facebook Live like the pros with Telestream Wirecast. StreamingMedia.com has published this behind-the-scenes video from Facebook Live personality Bob Doyle who raves about this all-in-on live video streaming software.

In this excerpt from his presentation at Live Streaming Summit 2016, Bob Doyle, producer and star of The Bob Doyle Show, a weekly live broadcast on Facebook Live, discusses how he progressed from streaming from his smartphone to doing full-on professional live streams to Facebook using Telestream Wirecast, and how to be real and effective and responsive on Facebook Live and leverage the new platform's strengths. Bob Doyle: I push Wirecast to the limits technically because I started Facebook Live like everybody else with their phones and I did a little test. "Hey, it’s me. It’s my first time. I don’t know anything about this.” That’s what everybody does, right? That was cool, but as soon as I saw somebody broadcasting on Facebook in full 16:9, I contacted him and said, “How are you doing this?” He said, “Wirecast.” I immediately got in touch with Telestream and said, “Set me up.” For me, being from radio and wanting to produce and just be creative, this wasn't enough. Yes, engaging personality, that’s great, but to be able to do some of the stuff that you saw in the demo, integrating apps like with the monkey, I’m bringing in screenshots from my phone. I’m doing all kinds of crazy stuff to push the limits of what it will do, and I’m running it myself, which is not for everyone. It’s not for the weak-hearted. Because I’m from radio and I’m used to pushing a lot of buttons, it’s great. Read the complete transcript of this video on StreamingMedia.com

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