Wirecast workflow: Capture 4K and Stream 1080P

Today, live streaming professionals are streaming in Ultra High Definition (UHD), or 4K. The demand on 4K video has risen and content creators are now turning more to 4K live streaming to keep up with the industry's standards.

In Telestream's recent blog they'll highlight the unique advantages of 4K in live and post-production, how you can stream in 4K at an affordable cost and more! Check out what they have to say.

Today live streamers don't have to own an expensive, high-end camcorder to shoot in 4K. Now streamers have more affordable 4K camera options such the cameras listed below.

  • iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro with 4K/60fps HDR video recording and 1 TB capacity, priced at roughly $1500
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 8K/24fps or 4K/60fps video recording with 1 TB capacity for roughly $1600
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro with 4K/60fps video recording with 128 GB capacity for roughly $900
  • GoPro Hero 10 camera with 5.3K/60fps and 4K/120fps resolutions under $600

With these camera options, 4K streaming is way more attainable than it was in the past.

4K is more than just a pretty picture. Of couse you get clearer, sharper pictures but you also get more creative freedom. "4K resolution lets you perform digital zooms and pans — virtual PTZ — without the need for a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera," says Telestream. 

Virtual PTZ allows for camera operators to glide from a wide shot of their talent to a close-up of the talent without stopping to reframe the picture of adjust the focus. This also impacts the post-production process.

"Similarly, in post-production, editors can crop 4K source footage to a 1080p window and easily stabilize shaky camera footage. They can also crop or zoom into any 4K source video to change its perspective. There’s no need to resort to a jump cut and the video is more visually interesting. Also, zooming into the picture can make it easier for viewers to see fine on-screen picture details. With this robust image quality, you can achieve more professional-looking results with fix-it-in-post or other digital video effects."

Telestream Wirecast compliments 4K video streaming in numerous ways. Wirecast 15 supports capturing 4K camera and media, as well as efficient 4K playback and streaming. You can bring in 4K video sources into wirecast with any camera that supports 4K. "With software like Wirecast for live video streaming, as well as 4K-ready camera devices, the ability to shoot, produce, and stream 4K video is no longer just for premium content producers," says Telestream. "And users have unprecedented creative freedom, such as performing virtual PTZ on 4K footage with Wirecast’s built-in production tools."

Wirecast Gear 3 is also a dedicated live streaming and 4K video production hardware appliance. Gear 3 is available in 4KP60 configurations with four flavors to choose from. Gear 3 is the most powerful 4k streaing solution at its price range.

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