Upgrade your House of Worship with High Definition

EmailTopWorshipWe know many churches are still using standard definition equipment and are trying their best to upgrade to high-definition as time and budget allows. Here is a great article we found from VDO360 that does a great job talking about the benefits of HD and a few recommended steps for easy migration. We agree wholeheartedly with Chip Manning when he says:
HD video in your house of worship can bring your patrons closer to your video content, and by extension, closer to the messages you want to convey. The resolution and clarity of HD footage eliminates blurry, grainy, or hard to decipher video content—clearing the way for a brighter, better viewing experience. As HD continues to cement its popularity in the mainstream, your SD equipment will appear more and more outdated—faulty or shaky video, the inability to properly view downloaded HD footage, or even complete system failure can take away from the inspiration and message that you wish to convey to your congregation via video. Upgrading your system to HD now will prevent these mishaps and protect you from expensive last-minute fixes.
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