Wowza ClearCaster 1080 Videoguys Product Spotlight

This week's Videoguys Product Spotlight is on the Wowza ClearCaster 1080 Facebook Live Streaming Appliance. If your live streaming your show to Facebook, you need to check the ClearCaster 1080 out. This powerful device not only streams out to Facebook Live, it also allows for live audience interaction for your talent and crew. Now you can respond to comments in real-time with anyone watching! Built for professional workflows, you can input any switcher or live production system through to it's 12G SDI input giving your professional-grade product the professional-grade exposure it deserves. The ClearCaster 1080 also allows for priority streaming to Facebook Live which is paramount for anyone streaming their show. Use along with Wowza's Streaming Cloud and you can simulcast to virtually any other CDN out there. With complete end-to-end redundancy and reliability, the Wowza ClearCaster 1080 should be an integral part of anyone's live streaming workflow.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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