Wowza ClearCaster New Feature Update

WOWZA CLEARCASTER™ SOFTWARE VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL DEVICES! With this update, ClearCaster offers exciting new features to create even more utility, including: 1. Simulcast to Any Destination Facebook Live may be the world’s top live-streaming platform—but it isn’t the only platform. With the latest update, ClearCaster enables simulcasting functionality through integration with our industry-leading Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service. Just use the advanced configuration settings in Wowza Streaming Cloud to perform a one-time setup of your preferred destinations, and you’ll be able to stream to multiple devices and platforms in one click. * Try it now by signing up for a Wowza Streaming Cloud trial. 2. Manage All Your Broadcasts in One Interface For video professionals who have to schedule multiple broadcasts, managing them all can be a bit tricky. With the new Broadcast View in ClearCaster Manager, you can adjust the encoding resources; title and description; and stream targets for each live stream. This new feature will also allow you to start and stop streams from directly within the Broadcast View for greater control. 3. Audience Restriction for Targeted Broadcasts While Facebook Live allows you to share your live stream with the entire world, sometimes that audience size is more than you need. Wowza ClearCaster now supports Facebook’s Audience Restriction functionality, which allows you to limit the visibility of Facebook Live posts only to audience members who meet your specific criteria for location, age and/or gender. Geographic restrictions can be set at the country, state or locality level, so you can target coverage to as narrow or as broad an audience as you need. Setting up Audience Restrictions is quick and easy with the ClearCaster Manager UI.

Automatic Update to Version

Unlike previous ClearCaster software updates, version will automatically update on appliances. The release window will be on June 14th between 7:00 a.m. MST and 8:00 a.m. MST. If ClearCaster is powered on during the release window, the update will load automatically. However, if ClearCaster is powered down during the release window, the software will load the next time ClearCaster is powered on. For more information, visit these articles: Release Notes Simulcast Documents

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