Wowza ClearCaster User Story: Biola University

Here's a case study from Wowza which features a video and transcript of the video. Find out how Biola University is solving a federal requirement of their school using the ClearCaster when they live stream to Facebook: From Wowza

Biola University is a private Christian college in the Los Angeles area, with about 6,500 students across eight schools. In addition to broadcasting lectures, seminars and other educational content, Biola creates marketing videos to attract new students to attend.

Since many soon-to-be college students spend a lot of time on Facebook, this is a natural platform for Biola to use to share videos about what life is like on campus. The Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance offers an easy way to start streaming this content on Facebook to massive audiences of prospective students around the world. The ClearCaster workflow is also much simpler and more reliable than the previous setup Biola was using, which involved many pieces of equipment and manual encoder configuration.

In this video from the 2018 NAB Show, David Baxter, assistant director of video production at Biola, explains how ClearCaster has improved their Facebook Live streaming workflow and allowed them to engage with more prospective students more easily: click here to see the video

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