Wowza is Driving Future-Ready Innovations for Facebook Live

The Wowza ClearCaster appliance is a Facebook Live solution purpose-built to improve the success of your Facebook Live broadcasts. Deeply integrated with the Facebook Live application, the ClearCaster automatically sets the appropriate settings and dynamically adjusts them throughout the broadcast if network conditions change. Ready to deliver the highest-possible resolution Facebook Live supports and with its built-in, professional-grade features, ClearCaster is the best way to provide confident connection to Facebook Live. Read more about the innovations Wowza is incorporating into the ClearCaster: From Wowza

Wowza Clear Caster...Wowza technology is driving exciting innovations in streaming video on the Facebook platform, including:

  • The Wowza ClearCasterTM appliance is now available: This broadcast-quality appliance is designed for professional streamers and broadcasters to significantly increase the success of Facebook Live streaming. Purpose-built with help from Facebook, it integrates seamlessly with Facebook Live’s APIs, enabling auto-configuration and real-time stream health monitoring through your Facebook account. Check out the ClearCaster product page to learn more!
  • As a featured Facebook Live Video developer, Wowza is defining the new standard for delivery on this platform.
  • Wowza was also named as a strategic partner for Workplace by Facebook, to help improve the quality of Facebook Live streaming within this product. (Workplace by Facebook utilizes regular Facebook features on a separate channel from users’ private profiles for use in business settings.)

The field of VR and 360º video is also rapidly evolving, and Facebook is leading the charge. Virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR) capabilities are now being integrated into Facebook app experiences, allowing users to overlay filters, digital objects and informational metadata on real surroundings....[continue reading]

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