Wowza Tutorial: Stream 4K 360° to Facebook Live

Facebook Live now supports 360-degree video streams! Wowza, a leading streaming technology service, has the means to help 360-degree content creators stream in 4K resolution on Facebook Live's Live 360 Ready Program. Find out more in this article and video from Wowza:

...The recent rise of 360º video allows viewers to be virtually transported to a live event, such as a sporting event, concert or political rally. But to feel like you’re there, you need the highest quality possible. Resolution is critical when you need to show depth of field, crystal-clear images and rich color. Facebook has already led other platforms in playback innovations with its cube-mapping and pyramid-projection technology. Now, with the support of 4K content, Facebook gives content creators the ability to deliver breathtaking experiences to the world’s largest audience.

Our Wowza Streaming Cloud service is the leading platform to deliver high-quality 360° and virtual reality content to Facebook Live viewers around the globe. More content creators and event broadcasters trust Wowza to simplify their workflows and scale delivery, including:

  • Lollapalooza
  • The Oscars
  • President Obama’s farewell address
  • Conan360
  • The Seattle Seahawks

Watch the Video: Streaming Forum 2017—Evolution of Virtual Reality and 360° Live Streaming

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