Xpress HD Pro

DV by Terence Curren Xpro HDNew DNxHD codec. Mix and match resolutions within HD and SD projects, with real-time FireWire output. Traditional Avid strengths in media management and film support. Real-time mixed resolution playback in Multicam. With Xpress Pro HD, Avid has finally brought some HD support and 10-bit video to a competitively priced system-and not a moment too soon, as many of us are developing our HD workflows. Although the Xpress line is still hindered by the lack of SDI I/O, there is enough added value in other areas to warrant a closer look (Figure 1). If you have already invested in Xpress Pro, the upgrade to the HD capabilities of version 5.1 can be as little as $49.95 for the basic download or $345 for the shipped version (which includes documentation and third-party software). read more...

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