Yep, am about to learn how to Edit in Premiere all because of Native H264 editing in CS5

By Philip Bloom

I never thought I would say this but i am learning how to cut in Premiere. I aways dismissed it as an amateur tool. Much preferring my Final Cut Pro. All because this CS5 is damn amazing. You do need a powerful MAC with the right graphics cards. My new i7 17?MBP works great with it.

I learnt to cut tape to tape, then basic FCP, then AVID, then properly FCP and never look back. I adore FCP and use it almost every day but I was offered the chance to try out CS5 by Adobe with no strings attached, just simply try it and give us feedback! I of course jumped at the chance. I have heard about this ability to edit in Native h264 without conversion and still not lose anything by doing this as I would expect. That’s why I convert to Pro RES with FCP to get it into 10bit. Just how does this compare? I have no idea. As I am still very basic at this. But i understand it can take multiple frame rates in it’s timeline, multiple formats like RED, FLip mino and cope just fine and play back in realtime without rendering many effects. It’s all very complicated and am very much in the basic phase but I hope to be up to speed in a week or so. I will continue to share my thoughts through this blog.

A market that i know who will LOVE this is the wedding market with there SAME DAY EDITS shot using DSLRs, this would make their stress levels at lot lower! read more...

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