YoloBox 3.4 Update: HDMI Program Out, Livestream chat, PDFs & Split Screen Mode

One of the great features of the YoloLiv YoloBox is the ability to easily update the firmware to get the latest and greatest capabilities out of the box. YoloBox functions as a powerful on the go encoder, recorder and monitor to fit in multiple live production workflows.

Aaron Parecki creates excellent content revolving around the latest and greatest in the world of streaming and video technology. He has extensively covered the YoloLiv YoloBox on multiple occasions, and his latest upload on the YoloBox 3.4 is no exception.

Check out Aaron's video below:

"The latest update to the YoloBox adds some incredible new features! This makes it super competitive with some of the far more expensive and bulkier switchers! In this video I give you the rundown of the latest features in the YoloBox version 3.4 update!"

-Aaron Parecki

YoloBox's latest update includes a host of important features that users have been asking for- and YoloLiv has delivered!  Right of the bat, some important updates have been made to the HDMI output feature to make it run even smoother, an important addition considering many people use the YoloBox to feed multiple cameras into a larger workflow.  

Secondly, the ability to live stream comments persists, giving a more communal feel to live streaming with the YoloBox.  Part of the appeal of live streaming over a canned video for an audience, is the ability of the streamer to interact with their audience in real time.  The live streaming comments feature allows for this conversation to take place, and ultimately for an audience to grow. 

YoloLiv has also expanded the amount of custom graphics that can be bought into the device.  While PNGs and JPEGs are still certainly an option, the company has now added PDFs to the host of compatible files that can be used as custom graphics. 

Another exciting feature is the new split screen modes available, which allow for streamers to create engaging and unique layouts, which will be more appealing and help with audience retention. 

Check out Aaron's video on YouTube to learn more, here. 

Learn more about YoloBox HERE.

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