Yolobox All in One Multi-Camera Video Switcher, Encoder, Monitor, and Recorder

The YoloLiv YoloBox, the all in one multi-camera video switcher, encoder, monitor and recorder has just came out with new and exciting features! The YoloBox version 3.0 is here with 10 new features that make this portable, powerful live stream studio even better. And with the recent price drop down to $999, live streamers can't go wrong with the YoloBox.

Adrian Lee of VIDEOLANE.COM reviews the latest version of the YoloBox. Check out the new features he discovered with the YoloBox version 3.0 below.


The 10 New Features Lee Discovered And His Thoughts

1. New user interface – There are two types of interface to choose from. It depends on whether I want to see a bigger video display or see more controls at my fingertips. Personally, I prefer to see more controls at a glance.

2. Multicam switching – I find it easier now to select and switch between cameras and other video sources.

3. Picture-in-picture – Setting up and selecting a picture-in-picture scene is also easier. Just select the main scene, the overlay scene then resize and reposition.

4. Audio Inputs –  We can now select 1 main audio input to play over the other selected video inputs. I wish I can mix audio channels though, especially when I want to speak over a video playing in the background. 

5. Live Scoreboard – It is a live text and graphic overlay. This will be interesting for people shooting live sports events. Wait… maybe I can use it for my product comparison videos. I can type in the opponent names, game scores, and the playtime… all during the stream.

6. Watermark – I prefer the previous version. I can’t make a graphic smaller than the minimum size limit. The good thing though is that I don’t have to create a lower thirds graphic anymore. I can type it directly with a text background.

7. Changing resolution – Changing resolution from the default 720p to 1080p is as easy as tapping on the resolution number. I checked YouTube and discovered that the stream was actually 1080HD60… yes, 60 frames per second! That’s a good thing.

8. Video Recording – Recording the stream is now easier. Just tap the camera icon. While recording on the SD card, I can play a video from the same SD card at the same time.

9. Stream to Twitch – Now I can stream to YouTube , Facebook and Twitch, all at the same time.

10. Everything is software update… no need to change any hardware.


Check out the full review here!

Learn more about the YoloLiv here!






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