Yolobox Beginner’s Guide: How to Sell on Facebook/ Amazon/ YouTube Live

Live selling has become more popular since COVID. Live selling can benefit both the business and the viewer. It can help businesses increase brand awareness, reach customers, and brings in a wider audience. For viewers, they are able to watch the live stream from anywhere, interact with the live streamers in real time, and shop direclty. 

YoloLiv writes a beginner guide to getting started with how to sell live on Facebook , Amazon, and YouTube. Check out some highglihts of what they recommend. 


Facebook Live is a great tool that can help expand your business and attract viewers which can eventually lead to followers. Selling on Facebook Live only takes a couple of steps. Here is what YoloLiv suggests. 

1) Add a link to your ecommerce page or website in the comments. If your customers want to checkout, they can click the link, or they can message you if they are interested. For example, you can say, “message me with ‘red dress’ and I’ll send you a link to buy.”
2) Add the Overlays on your livestream for call to actions. This method allows you to pauce in the middle of the show, take a breath and let your audience know where they can buy it. For example, you can make an overlay, to tell your customers go to amazon to search for your product name. Or you can give them your social media account and DM you if they are interested.


Amazon's Live Creator App is a recent app that allows creators to sell via a live stream from their phone. To sell on Amazon you must be a brand registered seller, a U.S. vendor with an approved Amazon store, or an Amazon influencer with an active Amazon storefront. If you are eligible here are the steps YoloLiv says to follow.

1. Login to your Amazon Creator app
2. Add the product
3. Go live!

For a more in depth explanation check out the article YoloLiv wrote back in November. How To Livestream On Amazon with YoloBox Pro


YouTube brings in a huge audience of veiwers but it can also be tricky. YoloLiv says, "However, building your army of shopaholics on YouTube can be a bit more challenging, as the platform hasn’t optimized the interface for such goals. Also, it requires minimal knowledge of keywords and tags to at least have a chance to be found by viewers. Generally speaking, we would recommend using YouTube Live as an additional platform for your live sales."

If you are interested in live selling on YouTube here are the steps from YoloLiv to take. 

1) Go to your YouTube account.
On the top right, click Create. Then click Go Live.
3) Edit the details for your stream, including cover page, stream title, and you can put your product link on your video description.
4) Schedule the time for your livestream.

If you are inetrested in any of the solutions for live selling, the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro are the all-in-one live streaming solution for you! Both YoloBox's allow you to stream to 3 platforms simutainly, brand your livestream, engage with your customers and more! 

The YoloBox and YoloBox Pro are the perfect tool to help you in any live streaming environment. 

Check out the full article here!

Learn more about YoloLiv here!

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