YoloBox Delivers Portable Live Streaming For Everyone

What's the Yolobox?
The YoloLiv YoloBox is a portable live streaming studio device that allows you to stream from multiple sources, switch between them and record to an SD card. Yolobox itself is a touch screen monitor. Just by looking at the connections it looks like Yolobox has a lot of really good features.

Photographer, filmmaker and YouTube's Sebazpictures reviews the YoloBox in one of his latest YouTube videos. Check it out. 

 "If you're looking for something that makes professional live streaming with more than one source very easy, this device might be right for you. If you don't have a fixed setup or fixed location, the YoloBox also might be a good choice for you. I would also recommend the YoloBox for some of my clients who changed their business model due to the Covid pandemic and need an easy to use live streaming setup now."



Check out the video on YouTube here!

Learn more about the YoloBox here!



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