Yolobox Easy To Use Multi-Camera Live Streaming

We like to call the YoloLiv YoloBox The Swiss Army Knife of Multicamera Live Production & Streaming because its the worlds most affordable, easy to use, all-in-one multi camera live streaming, encoding, switching, recording, and monitoring solution. YoloBox is a studio and play device which allows you to do Full HD Live Stream, Multi-camera Production, Picture in Picture, Watermarks and many more.

Video/Design Artist, Travis Heberling recently released a video on his YouTube channel showing off his first impression of the YoloBox. Check it out below

"The YoloBox is a fully integrated multi-platform live streaming solution. You can connect and mix up to two HDMI sources, a USB source, and a playback source via SD card. Is this the easiest and best option for Wedding Live streamers?"
Travis Heberling


Check out Travis Heberling's video on YouTube here!

Learn more about the YoloBox here!


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