Yolobox is Great for on Location MUTI-CAMERA LIVE Streaming

The YoloLiv YoloBox is an all in one switcher, recorder and encoder, that fits right in the palm of your hand. This device is compact, and powerful with multiple camera inputs, onboard graphics, and more!

DIYPhotography.net recently posted a great review of the YoloBox.  We're going to take a look at some highlights from that article, below. 

For starters, the Connections on the YoloBox are as Follows: 

  • 2 HDMI In Ports
  • Ethernet Port
  • USB Port
  • 1 HDMI Out Port
  • 1 SD Card Reader
  • Micro SD Card Reader

These ports provide a great deal of flexibility on which sources can be bought directly into the YoloLiv YoloBox.  In addition, the YoloBox comes with a USB Modem to take your broadcast live on the go.  

The portable shape also makes YoloBox perfect for a variety of live streams, from Education, to sports, to house of worship, and more.  

The Interface

The Interface is also incredibly easy to use, with a touch screen surface reminiscent of most tablets.  This also makes it easy to switch, build picture in picture screens, and import graphics during your live productions.  

Check out the full article HERE to learn more. 

Learn more about the YoloBox HERE.

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