Yolobox lets you easily Switch Multiple Cameras and Stream to Multiple Networks

The YoloLiv YoloBox is a powerful tool for your on the go, portable live production workflow. One of the key features of this device is the expanded capability when live streaming.

The YoloBox allows for users to stream to multiple destinations simultaneously, as well as giving users the capability to see the chat feed on their YoloBox while broadcasting.

YoloBox looks like a tablet monitor when you unpack it, but it so much more than that. If you’re planning on streaming an event like a wedding live on location, it’s the only device you need to connect to your cameras and sound equipment, so you can share it with an online audience on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, all at once.

The power to stream to multiple CDNs is more commonly found in production systems in a larger form factor.  So the power to have this kind of control in a tablet form factor is truly exceptional, and makes YoloBox a flexible, and intuitive device for any live production.

Check out this article from fstoppers.com to learn more.

Learn more about YoloBox HERE.

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