Yolobox Pro – Incredibly Versatile Streaming Device!

The YoloBox Pro was released not to long ago, introducing YoloBox users to a host of new features for more sophisticated, larger productions. Recently, cined.com posted a great article, reviewing the YoloBox Pro and some of their favorite features.

The key difference between the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro is the ability to bring in more sources to switch between.  The YoloBox Pro features three HDMI inputs, as well as a USB and USB-C Input.  You can stream these inputs live to destinations like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, or users can record.  On top of that, the Qualcomm processor exists to improve signal and performance. 

"Going through the feature set, the new unit has more camera HDMI inputs, well one more. Of course, an HDMI input doesn’t have to be a camera, it can be a computer or even another switcher for more inputs. Moving along the rear of the new unit there is a new USB–C port which makes three of them, two can be inputs as they’re fully featured. The last is used for charging."

Check out this article from cined.com to learn more. 

Learn more about YoloBox HERE.

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