YoloBox Pro is a Hub for the Demanding Streamer

Frank Doorhof recently reviewed the YoloLiv YoloBox Pro. He has been live streaming for as long as he can remember.

It all started with a camera and special live-streaming software many years ago (YouTube didn't enable live broadcasting at the time). He would install the webcam in the cosmetics room with the model in the morning, and then move the camera to the studio to show the photoshoot. People stayed online the entire day, talking, exchanging ideas, and conversing with each other and me, all through one camera. Some folks slept off due to time changes, but it was a terrific experience.

One webcam has grown into four within the studio, plus one for Frank behind the desk. Viewers can also see his desktop through another input device during the live stream, as well as picture in picture screens of various sizes. People may, of course, interact, and we are concurrently streaming live on Facebook and YouTube, where people can communicate directly.

He has an excellent setup for his live streaming. To display the previews, their HDMIs are routed into an RGB minilink, which is linked to an external screen. Wirecast is running on his MacBook Pro, and he is also viewing the comments and the YouTube studio preview on an extra display.

The YoloBox Pro is here to help.

So, just what is the Yolobox pro? In short, you may ditch all additional hardware (save the cameras) and broadcast straight from a single device. Doesn't it seem too wonderful to be true? Well, a lot is feasible these days, so why not, and let's be honest, having one little gadget that does everything sounds absolutely incredible, so he couldn't wait to start experimenting.

3 HDMI Inputs
Three HDMI sources can be connected to begin. This was his first problem with the YoloBox Pro. However, there is an easy remedy. He uses a Magewell capture device for his iPad/Desktop for their Digital Classroom setup, and the YoloBox Pro also has a USB input connection, so he tried the Magewell with a 1080P camera, and it worked wonderfully, as did his iPad and Desktop. This implies you may work with four distinct sources, which should be plenty for the majority of individuals.

Zoom Meetings
We've done more online than ever before since the Pandemic, and many meetings are being held online rather than in person. As an instructor, though, he regularly has problems with streaming services for customers. Some clients are OK when we broadcast via YouTube on their behalf, but they are occasionally required to utilize specific software, and some of them are incredibly restricted, typically requiring only a webcam and, if you're lucky, your desktop. But don't worry; the YoloBox pro can broadcast its video stream not just through HDMI, but also through a USB output connection, and...yes, it works with Zoom, Teams, and other similar programs.

Effects are, of course, important during a livestream, and the YoloBox Pro does not disappoint. You may apply various fading effects, make "custom" overlays, adjust the borders and backgrounds inside the Picture in Picture panels, and even overlay score cards, social network comments, and other material. They provide a vast variety of solutions that should satisfy everyone.

The opportunity to invite a visitor is one of the things Frank appreciates about Wirecast (but has yet to utilize). You may simply send them a link using the built-in visitor module, and the visitor will only need to click there to join you during the live stream. If you want to travel light while still having internet connectivity, you could utilize this capability to use 1-2 more phones as cameras; just make sure to turn off audio on those phones if you don't want them to be mics.

Of course, audio is crucial, and the YoloBox Pro realizes this. While there is no support for plugins like as a compressor/limiter or de-esser, you can set up audio per input, utilize delay per channel (nicely done), and even use an auto follow approach, which Frank appreciates.

You may also broadcast to numerous services at the same time with the YoloBox Pro. Furthermore, the internal software does not require the YouTube live stream studio to be open (to go live); you may also utilize the RTMP service option if you wish to do something other than the supplied services.

Green Screen
Maybe you need it, maybe you don't, but the fact that it's a one-box solution that works flawlessly is fantastic. Simply set a piece of green paper or anything you like behind you and select a nice background, and you're done.

This is Frank's absolute favorite function. People commonly ask questions during the live broadcast; you can select to display the comments in the live stream with the YoloBox Pro. And the choosing and deselecting functions perfectly. Frank constantly advises against broadcasting every comment; certain individuals, if you know what he means, can't handle the ability to offer their "opinion" during a live stream, and taking it out later is sometimes difficult. Fortunately, picking the comments is a breeze.

In Conclusion
Frank approves of the YoloBox Pro; it's wonderful to think that he can go live with only one device during events, trade exhibitions, in the middle of a location shoot, and while driving with the RV; as long as he has Internet, he's ready to go (using his phone as a hotspot). The YoloBox series is great if you want comprehensive and simple streaming but also the flexibility to broadcast from most areas, with the Pro having the most connections and possibilities.

Read the full review from Frank Doorhof HERE

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