YoloBox Pro Kicks A$$!

 YoloLiv recently interviewed Tim Simpson at the world-famous fighting championship. They spoke about how the YoloBox Pro has helped him in the ring and outside the ring as an influencer. 

Live streaming sports is becoming more and more popular. Especially with tools like the YoloBox Pro that is portable, affordable and easy to use. For boxing events, Tim has cameras setup around the ring, a DJ desk, and microphones for the commentators and announcer. 

Before using the YoloBox Pro, Tim and his team were using his cellphone to shoot with only one angle. When he realized he wants a more professional setup he turned to the YoloBox Pro. The YoloBox Pro allows you to set up execute overlays with images which worked perfectly for the Muay Thai fight night. 

“I would definitely recommend YoloBox Pro to all live streaming creators due to the affordability and portability of the product. The beauty of YoloBox Pro is the professional feature set wrapped in a small tablet of goodness!”
Tim Simpson

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