YoloBox Pro Update Highlights August, 2021

YoloBox Pro debuted with a ton of features and expanded capabilities. It also was released with the promise of all new features being added soon with a firmware update. That firmware update is here! Check out some of the new features, below.

"In the past month, August, we’ve released a few versions on Yolobox Pro with some pretty cool features that were requested by a lot of our customers. In this post, we’ll walk you through all these features and how they help you deliver your content in a more professional way."

Chroma Key Now Available










Chroma Keying is now available for YoloBox Pro, allowing users the ability to superimpose one image over another or a video stream.  YoloBox Pro allows for a professional chroma key effect.

Customize Overlay & Scoreboard

YoloBox and YoloBox Pro have featured the ability to add and update a scoreboard since release.  That scoreboard feature has now been updated with more customization available.  This includes overlay graphics, new fonts, sizes, text colors, background colors and lower thirds.  

Bitrate Modes & Bitrate Control

YoloBox Pro supports three bitrate modes.  This includes constant quality, variable bitrate, and constant bitrate.  

Network Test & Speed Display

YoloBox Pro now features the ability to real time speed test your network speed right from the screen itself.  There is also now an on screen bitrate monitor as well. 

Learn more about YoloBox Pro HERE.

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