YoloBox Pro v1.6.0, the biggest update yet!

The YoloBox Pro's  biggest update yet is now available! YoloBox Pro V1.6.0 includes multiple studding new features and improvements including web URL overlay, auto-switching, USB webcam out, additional multi-views templates, SD card video playback timing, scheduling a live stream within 1 year, option to adjust transparency for countdown timer overlay, and more! 

Check out some details on the updates! 

Web URL Overlay
This was one of the most requested features from YoloLiv users. With this new update, you can now create professional-grade live graphics in minutes on any products. Also you can enter an URL of a customized scoreboard  generated from a live graphics platform.

Now with auto-switching you can automatically rotate between up to 6 video sources including 

  • Camera angles (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, USB-C, USB-A)
  • SD Card (videos & PDF)
  • Multi-Views (PIP, Side by Side, Split View, News Layout, Triple)
  • Live Stream (as video source)

Additional Multi-View Templates
This new update allows Multiview that allows you combine multiple sources camera angles, USB inputs, and SD card assets (videos and PDF)shared screens, into a single view.  such as  

Check out the full article going over all the new features here!

Learn more about the YoloBox Pro here!

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