YoloBox Ultra 1.4 Update is Here! More NDI, More ISO !

Discover the latest advancements with YoloLiv as we proudly introduce the highly-anticipated YoloBox Ultra v1.4.0 update. Packed with a host of powerful features and enhancements, this update is set to elevate your streaming and recording experience to new heights. Join us as we explore the exciting additions that come with this cutting-edge version.

Expanded ISO Recording Options
With v1.4.0, YoloBox Ultra now supports ISO recording not only for HDMI inputs but also for USB, NDI, and SRT inputs. This means you can effortlessly capture high-quality recordings from a wider range of sources, giving you more flexibility in your post-production workflows.

3 NDI Video Inputs
You can now enjoy the convenience of connecting up to 3 NDI video inputs. Seamlessly integrate NDI-enabled devices into your workflow and expand your video sources for more dynamic content creation.

Note: If you have previously activated the NDI license, you will not be required to pay for additional NDI inputs. NDI requires $99 additional purchase from YoloLiv directly. 

2K Streaming and Recording
Experience the power of YoloBox Ultra with its newly added support for 2K streaming and recording. If you find yourself torn between 1080P and 4K options, 2K presents a compelling choice that strikes a perfect balance between exceptional visual quality and bandwidth efficiency.

NDI Inputs with H.265 Encoding
With this update, NDI inputs now support H.265 encoding, ensuring efficient video compression without compromising on quality. Benefit from reduced bandwidth requirements while maintaining exceptional video fidelity.

Flexibility to Rearrange Video Inputs
YoloBox Ultra offers the freedom to add an unlimited number of video inputs and leverage Multiview options for dynamic video productions. In response to customer feedback, we introduced the ability to rearrange video inputs within the video preview section for customers’ various production needs.

In conclusion, the YoloBox Ultra v1.4.0 update stands as a testament to YoloLiv's commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. Elevate your streaming and recording endeavors with these groundbreaking features. Stay ahead in the world of content creation by embracing the power-packed capabilities of YoloBox Ultra v1.4.0.

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