YoloBox Ultra Adds Remote/ Mobile Web Control

In the "REMOTE CONTROL for the YoloBox - Finally!" YouTube video, Aaron Parecki unveils an exciting addition: the remote control capability for the YoloBox Ultra. Gone are the days of needing to physically interact with the YoloBox touchscreen to adjust settings or camera angles. Now, users can seamlessly take command of their YoloBox from anywhere within the local network, whether through a convenient web interface or a cutting-edge beta Android app.

To leverage this functionality, users simply need to ensure their computer and YoloBox are connected to the same network and then head to YoloLiv to log in and launch the intuitive web control interface. From there, they can effortlessly input their YoloBox's IP address and gain full control over the device remotely. This includes the ability to tweak sources, angles, overlays, and audio settings, as well as initiate or halt streams with ease.

While an iPhone app is not yet available, iPhone users can still utilize the web interface for seamless control. Furthermore, it's worth noting that this remote control feature is currently in its beta phase, with plans for expansion to the YoloBox Pro and Mini in the near future.

Watch the full video from Aaron Parecki below:

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