YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra Streaming Solution Does it all

Discover the YoloBox Ultra, the revolutionary independent streaming solution unveiled by YoloLiv at IBC 2023. In this blog post, we delve into the features and improvements of this new device, addressing a significant pain point for content creators. Learn how the YoloBox Ultra makes streaming to multiple platforms easier and more versatile than ever before.

Key Features of the YoloBox Ultra:

  1. Enhanced CPU for Superior Streaming Quality: The YoloBox Ultra boasts an improved CPU, ensuring higher-quality streams.

  2. 4K Streaming Capability: Experience the future of streaming with support for 4K resolution.

  3. Versatile Vertical and Horizontal Streaming: Stream in both vertical and horizontal orientations using a single device, catering to different platform requirements.

  4. Simultaneous ISO Recording: Record from up to four separate cameras simultaneously for diverse content creation options.

  5. Outdoor-Ready Bright Screen: Enjoy a 650-nit bright screen, making it suitable for outdoor environments.

  6. Extended Battery Life: With a 20,000 milliamp battery, the YoloBox Ultra offers up to six hours of uninterrupted usage.

  7. On-Location Power via USB-C: Stay powered up on location with the convenience of USB-C input.

  8. Multiple Source Inputs: Four full HDMI inputs allow you to connect multiple sources effortlessly.

  9. Stable Network Connectivity: Achieve network stability with support for up to three separate SIM cards for cellular bonding into the YOLO cast service.

Explore the YoloBox Ultra Ports:

  • Input Ports: 4x HDMI in, 2x USB Type-A 3.0 (compatible with webcams, portable storage devices, and wireless USB dongles), USB Type-C (fully functional interface), 3.5mm line-in (stereo), and 3.5mm mic-in.

  • Connectivity Ports: Ethernet port, Nano-SIM slot, and SD card slot.

  • Output Ports: 1x HDMI out and 3.5mm audio output.

The YoloBox Ultra is set to redefine streaming with its impressive features, offering content creators an all-in-one solution for seamless, high-quality streaming across multiple platforms.

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