YoloBox Ultra v2.0.0 is Now Available!

YoloLiv recently released an update for the popular YoloBox Ultra. Take a look below at the new features of v2.0.0 for YoloBox Ultra.

What’s New:

Multicam Replay Optimization
-Option to replay at 1080p60 or 720p60
-Option to unselect replayed sources
-Reposition & resize replay logo

Mix Minus (Mute yourself when inviting guest)
-Level up your remote interview experience
-Audio Meter = Program ≠ Monitor/HDMI Out
-It's same when Mix Minus not enabled

Overlay Optimizations
-Support time/clock overlays
-Add new scoreboard templates
-More templates for 3 views and 4/quad views
-Web URL Overlay Optimization

Save More Settings
-Replay settings/NDI out on/off
-Streaming mode/Streaming Resolution
-Audio mixer settings/Recording settings

Other Improvement
-Drag Local SD Card video progress bar when playing
Add event thumbnails directly from the box! (Currently YouTube only, Facebook soon)
-Optimize the recording file size limit: NTFS, exFAT: No limit; FAT32; Max 3.5GB per file
-Standard bug fixes & Performance improvement

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