YoloBox vs Switcher Studio: Top 8 Reasons to Switch to YoloBox

Are you using Switcher Studio? It's time to switch to YoloBox. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should make the switch, and why it's so easy to do so.

1. Always Pursue Higher Video Quality

"The versatility of the YoloBox to link high-quality Mirrorless cameras, DSLR, Cinema camera, and the drone is significantly greater than the Switcher Studio. A wide range of camera options and future-proofing are provided by YoloBox." - Mark Carmelo Ganar, Previous Switcher Studio User

Switcher Studio is only compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone and Macs as video inputs. However, YoloBox and YoloBox Pro accept any HDMI input such as a simple camcorder, DSLR/mirrorless camera or any other pro-level video camera, a laptop feed, or a feed from a drone or action cameras like GoPro. You can easily connect any of these various types of camera as long as it has HDMI out. And on top of that, YoloBox Pro has 3 physical HDMI inputs so you can connect and switch up to 3 HDMI sources.

2. iPhone Overheating Could Be Devastating

It's no secret that iPhones and iOS devices are known to overheat. Since Switcher Studio only works with iOS devices, this would severely impact your project and stream stability. In addition, a smartphone setup will most likely have some subtle deterioration in the professionalism that you deliver at the client's live broadcast service of project. 

3. Challenges of Wireless Reliability

Just because you share a device's camera with Switcher Studio, doesn't mean it will automatically be recognized in the Inputs tab. You can easily see why this would be so frustrating. Especially if it's time for the event you're getting paid to live stream and none of your feeds will load into Switcher Studio via Wi-Fi. There is also the possibility of delay and degrade of quality in the videos and transmissions. 

4. Simultaneously Stream to Multiple CDNs

"By using YoloBox, I don’t have to pay an extra monthly description fee by using third-party software to stream multiple destinations, and to have 3 encoding options on YoloBox allows me to balance and decide what to sacrifice if I have a poor connection." - Zach, Previous Switcher Studio User

As of right now, the Switcher Studio does not offer simultaneous streaming across different platforms. There are a few third party apps that allow for streaming across platforms on Switcher Studio. However, YoloBox and YoloBox Pro have a built-in video encoder so that you can simultaneously stream to multiple different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or RTMP all directly on YoloBox / YoloBox Pro. 

5. Ethernet Option for a More Reliable Internet

Since Switcher Studio is only software, there is no hardwared Ethernet port. Ethernet is the most reliable option, especially when you have a designated studio setup. There is an Ethernet port directly to the YoloBox. You can connect any Ethernet cable directly into YoloBox and achieve a stable and smooth live stream.

6. Audio Mixing (Pro Only)

"Switcher Studio is compatible with all USB audio plug-ins included in any rode products or any USB audio device, but there is no mix audio. I place a high value on the sound quality of YoloBox Pro." -Mike T., Previous SwitcherStudio User

While you can use USB audio plug-ins, there is no mixed audio on Switcher Studio. However, YoloBox Pro just introduced the audio mixing and audio delay features very recently. Currently, YoloBox Pro supports mixing up to 3 channels, up to 2 audio from HDMI sources, 1 Line-in/Mic-in, 2 audio from SD cards and 1 audio from live stream (RTMP pull live stream from another YoloBox/YoloBox Pro under the same account) can be mixed. 


 7. Chroma Key Capability (Pro Only)

As of right now, Switcher Studio has no option for Chroma Keying. However, YoloBox Pro now allows for professional Chroma Keying. The Chroma Key effect is more commonly known as the "weatherman effect", where a person stands in front of the green screen, and you can superimpose an image or video onto the green screen. 

8. Ability to Zoom and Crop Images

"I found myself CONSTANTLY having to get up and go over to move the camera to move it ever so slightly to frame it up. My theory is their zoom happens on the phone level, which is why this happens. You don’t really have any options for zooming, since you are using mobile devices unless you attach a fixed lens. Even so, it still limits your range." -Eric A. Beels, Previous Switcher Stuido User

Switcher Studio does not currently have the ability to zoom and crop. It can digitally zoom, but it cannot adjust the zoom to a different portion of the image sensor. However, YoloBox allows you to use multiple cameras. You can connect the cameras through HDMI and USB ports on the YoloBox. It's easy to adjust the image by zooming in the lens.

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