YoloLiv Instream Lets You Easily Stream Vertical Video to Instagram and TikTok

Usman Dawood from Fstopper recently posted an article going over the features of the brand new Instream from YoloLiv. YoloLiv Instream is vertical streaming made easy for Instagram and TikTok. YoloLiv Instream is the first and only all-in-one multi-cam vertical livestreaming studio for Instagram and TikTok.

YoloLiv Instream is the industry’s first vertical all-in-one encoder, switcher, monitor, and streamer. Create better content for Instagram, TikTok, and more. Add multi-cam, graphic overlays, picture-in-picture, chroma key, transition effects, lower thirds, countdown timer and more to elevate your vertical livestream to the next level.

"Yololiv specializes in producing all-in-one devices that allow you to stream, record, and monitor video. The majority of its devices focus on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Recently, the company announced its latest product, the YoloLiv Instream. This device allows you to record, monitor and stream directly to Instagram and TikTok with vertical video." -Usman Dawood

You can livestream directly to TikTok and Instagram right on the YoloLiv Instream itself. Instream is truly an all-in-one livestreaming studio for multi-cam productions for Instagram and TikTok.

"The Instream comes with a wide range of ports and connections, such as two HDMI inputs, USB-C for charging, mic and headphone jacks, a line in, an HDMI out port, an SD card slot, a sim card slot, and a USB-A port. The biggest feature, however, is the 7-inch touchscreen display. This display allows you to not only monitor the stream, it's also to manage and control the stream too." -Usman Dawood

Create better content for Instagram, TikTok, and more.

  • Multi-Cam
  • Countdown Timer
  • Picture in Picture
  • Graphic Overlays
  • Lower-Thirds
  • Chroma Key


  • All-in-One: Encoder, Switcher, Recorder, and Monitor
  • Multiple Capture Sources: 2 HDMI + 1 USB In + SD Card
  • Running on Android OS: No computer or OBS required
  • 3 Ways to Connect: Wifi, 4G LTE, Ethernet
  • Total Touch Screen Control: Operate intuitively as your smartphone
  • Internal Battery: Lasts for 3+ hours
  • Portable and Mobile: Compact size, fits into backpack
  • Live On The Go: Entire mobile livestram studio, in one box

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