YoloLiv YoloBox All In One Streaming Studios

Tom Buck recently uploaded a video to their YouTube Channel going over the all in one live streaming device, YoloLiv YoloBox

"The YoloBox is an all-in-one streaming device and it’s always been pretty awesome, but with recent updates, it’s now a genuinely viable studio streaming option that might even replace and simplify your existing setup. Basically it’s an entire computer in a little box, yo!" -Tom Buck

YoloLiv YoloBox is a Smart Multi-Camera Live Streaming Studio, Encoder Switcher Recorder Monitor, All-In-One. Professional Multi-Camera Live Streaming & Switching Made Simple & Affordable. The industry’s first REALLY All-IN-One live production system that doesn’t require anything external. It’s simple, portable, reliable and affordable.

Chapter Markers:
0:00 - Lots Of Pros With The YoloBox Pro, Yo
1:07 - New Updates = Full Streaming Computer
1:49 - Big Feature 1: YoloBox As USB Webcam!
4:17 - Graphics, Overlays, & Timers
5:15 - Built In Fan
6:30 - Other Feature & Interface Updates
7:58 - Big Feature 2: Auto Switching!
10:32 - Props To The Developers
12:14 - Where The YoloBox Is Truly Revolutionary
14:57 - Endless Possibilities

Learn more about YoloLiv YoloBox HERE

Learn more about YoloLiv HERE


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