YoloLiv Yolobox firmware update history

The YoloLiv YoloBox family are the all-in-one professional live streaming and switching devices. YoloLiv introduced the YoloBox back in 2020 and throughout the years they added the YoloBox Pro and YoloBox Mini. YoloLiv is constantly updating it's firmware for the YoloBox devices to make these already powerful devices even stronger. 

YoloBox Updates

The original YoloBox has had 11 updates since its release in 2020. The latest v3.8.1 update includes...

  • Auto-switching
  • Reusing project setting: you can now replicate the live stream and reuse it without any hassle. (Please note, previously loaded and customized graphic overlays will be cleared after the update.)
  • 2 new multi-views (News layout, Triple)
  • New graphic overlays (Titles & social overlays)
  • Automatically hide your overlays with pre-set duration
  • More shapes for the sub-screen of Picture in Picture
  • Fade-To-Black video transition
  • Timing for SD card videos
  • Animated GIF overlay
  • Superchat overlay
  • You can delete live stream events in batch. And many more. Explore yourself!

YoloBox Pro Updates

The YoloBox Pro has had 17 updates since it's release in 2021. The latest v2.0.0 update includes...

  • Video/Instant Replay: Capture video highlights and enhance your live productions;
  • YoloCast‘s Web URL Overlay application is now built-in on YoloBox Pro;
  • You can duplicate, move, bring to front, and send to back graphic overlays;
  • Audio control for monitoring & streaming made separate;
  • Support outputting 60fps to LiveU Solo;
  • Fixed green bar for SD card videos.

YoloBox Mini Updates

The YoloBox Mini is the newest product added to the family. It was released in 2022 and has already had two updates. The latest v1.2.0 update was huge for users. It included...

  • Video switching supported (Switch between HDMI, USB, 2 SD card videos and PDF)
  • Inviting Guest
  • Multi-Views (PIP, Side by Side, Split View, News Layout, Triple)
  • Enhanced Side-By-Side multiview (Aaron’s ideal Mini Presentation Switcher is now built-in on YoloBox Pro
  • Web URL Overlay Optimized
  • Auto-Switching
  • Audio Mixing
  • Chroma Key
  • Fade-To-Black video transition
  • Auto-hide for graphic overlays
  • Background music for countdown timer overlays
  • More shapes for the sub-screen of Picture in Picture
  • Swap Multi-views with one click
  • Twitch comments supported

YoloLiv takes feedback from its users to improve the YoloBox family. With all the updates we've seen so far, Videoguys is excited to see the feature of the YoloBox family and what's to come! 

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