YoloLiv YoloBox Mini - The Perfect Small End All In One Encoder, Streamer, Recorder

Introducing the all new YoloLiv YoloBox mini, the perfect all in one encoder, monitor, and recorder for your smaller end live productions!

Watch the YoloLiv YoloBox Mini Product Spotlight below:

Learn more about YoloLiv YoloBox Mini HERE

The YoloBox Mini is a super portable live streaming encoder, monitor, and recorder perfect for those needing something smaller than the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro.

Capable of quality up the 1080p 60fps, the Yolobox Mini has a single HDMI input and a USB port which can also take in video sources, perfect for most webcams.

For audio, the Yolobox Mini’s Line In stereo port is perfect for capturing the sounds of a music venue. There is also a mono mic in port perfect for those reporting on the field. An audio out port is also available, perfect for plugging in headphones to monitor your content.

Power and charge the Yolobox Mini using its usb-c power connector.

Use an SD card to record your video or load it up with graphics to overlay over your video.

Connect to the internet via either a hard-wired connection via ethernet, or your local area wifi or use the device’s built in SIM card port with 4G LTE support to stream without being tethered

With the YoloBox Mini, anyone can stream online and make your live production professional and engaging.

Stream to 2 different destinations at the same time to places like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or any CDN with RTMP capabilities.

Add graphics to make your live production stand out. Make custom scoreboards, lower3rds, logos, countdown timer, and more within the Yolobox Mini’s powerful touchscreen user interface.

Utilize the Yolobox Mini’s monitor mode when offline to record your production with all the benefits as if actually going live.

Live stream wherever you go by using the Yolobox Mini’s compact, cost effective, and reliable design utilizing the reliable HEVC encoder for transmitting high-quality video from anywhere.

Start Streaming within seconds with the YoloBox Mini’s user-friendly touch screen interface which makes it easy to plug in your CDN’s information. No more need for a large production crew.

The YoloBox Mini is perfect for vloggers, gaming, presentations, a classroom environment, and more.

Learn more about YoloLiv YoloBox Mini HERE

Learn more about YoloLiv HERE

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