Yololiv Yolobox Year in Review 2023

YoloLiv has had an incredible 2023 with their new product announcement for the YoloBox Ultra plus the new features they introduced and more! Lets recap YoloLiv's year. 

They blogged over 290 times! From topics like live streaming tips to product updates and how-to guides, they provide their readers with a huge selection of content. Their blogs can be found HERE

They uploaded 84 YouTube videos to their channel. The YoloLiv YouTube Channel is a great way to learn about their products and hear first hand from professionals who use their products. They also upload videos straight from tradeshow floors like NAB, IBC, and more. Their YouTube channel can be found HERE.

 YoloLiv introduced two new features in 2023 including YoloLiv Network Bonding and Instream Multistreaming. Plus small updates and improvements that make YoloLiv users experience better. 

The YoloLiv Facebook Group has reached almost 8,000 members! This is a great community to ask questions, see real life examples of the products in use, get live streaming tips and tricks and more! The Facebook user group can be found HERE.

Lastly, YoloLiv announced their new YoloBox, the YoloBox Ultra! The YoloBox Ultra is expected to ship in the next few weeks and is available for preorder now. It is the is YoloBox & Instream combined in one device, live stream vertically or horizontally to your favorite platforms.


Check out the full article highlighting their success here!

Learn more about YoloLiv here!

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