You can still Crossgrade to Avid Symphony 6 for just $995! While supplies last!

The Avid Symphony Crossgrade promotion expired on June 15th but it is still available from while supplies last!!

The Avid Symphony Crossgrade promotion expired on June 15th. We sold so many units during the last week of the promotion that we not only sold out of our own inventory, we cleaned out Avid as well. We anticipated the big rush at the end, and we placed orders for more upgrades in early June, but unfortunately Avid ran into production delays. The good news is that Avid is getting us more Symphony 6 Crossgrades this week and, because of the shipping delays, Videoguys will be able to offer the special promotional price! As long as we have inventory available, we will continue to offer FCP and Avid editors the chance to either crossgrade or upgrade to Avid Symphony 6 for just $995! We will also continue to include two Class On Demand online training courses with your purchase!

You can also still take advantage of our fantastic bundles with Avid Mojo DX, Nitris DX, Artist Color; Matrox MX02 Mini MAX, LE MAX & Mojito MAX; and AJA Kona LHI, Kona 3G & Io XT.

For more information about the Avid Symphony 6 Crossgrade offer,
including "What are the differences betweeen Avid Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6? Check out our

Guide to the Avid Symphony 6 Crossgrade and Upgrade Offers... now with full FAQ!

Check out these items featured in this post and available now at
Avid Symphony 6 Crossgrade from Apple Final Cut Pro $995.00 Avid Symphony 6 Upgrade for Avid Editors $995.00 Avid Nitris DX Hardware Trade-up with Avid Symphony 6 Upgrade $5,999.00

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