You can still purchase Avid Media Composer & Symphony Support / upgrades for $285 from Videoguys!

Renewals_900x385Videoguys is an authorized Avid partner and we have been given permission by Avid to continue to sell Media Composer upgrade/ annual support plans. These are sent to you electronically via email. Which means we can fulfill your order no matter where in the world you are! All you need is a valid user account. We put together our Videoguys' Guide to the new Avid Media Composer | Software to provide you with everything you need to know about the renewal purchase options. You'll find detailed information about the new options as well as a couple of videos we produced to help you learn even more! If you have an Avid Standard Support Contract you can renew that contract for $285 for another year. What you will purchase for $285 is NOT an upgrade, it is an annual support package that includes free upgrades, updates and patches for a year. There are two flavors of this annual support contract, one for Media Composer owners and one for Symphony owners. The annual support package does not include any 3rd party software, but you can keep using the 3rd party software you already own, although you may require an upgrade from the 3rd party software vendor. You can use activation or your existing dongle when you upgrade under your annual support contract. Avid will allow you to run MC 6.5, 7 or 8 with an updated dongle. Activation will support MC 8 and the previous version MC7. 1 Year Annual Support Plan & Renewal for Media Composer - $285.00 1 Year Annual Support Plan & Renewal for Symphony owners - $285.00 1 Year Annual Support Plan & Renewal for Teachers, Students & Institutions - $95.00

Videoguys Avid Media Composer Upgrade/ Annual Support FAQ

Do you own Media Composer, but don't have an Avid Support plan? Get the latest upgrade and standard Avid Support now for just $285.

With an annual, renewable standard Avid Support plan, you're paying the typical price of a single upgrade, but you'll have access to world-class support and all Media Composer updates and upgrades for one full year, including Avid Resolution Independence, native 4K support, and more exciting upcoming features. Then simply renew your plan for just $285 a year to stay current.

Upgrade now with a renewable standard Avid Support plan:

  • Stay up to date! All Media Composer updates/upgrades are included with your plan
  • Get help whenever, wherever, and however you need it, 24×7
  • Have world-class experts available worldwide to answer questions and resolve issues
  • Gain access to how-to videos, troubleshooting articles, and more from Customer Care

Q: What if I don’t purchase an annual support contract?

A:If you own Media Composer today, without a support contract, then your license will become "Frozen" on your current version.

Q: What happens to me if my support contract expires? Can I keep using my software and edit my projects?

A: YES! If you do not renew your annual support contract you still keep your software. It becomes locked in at the last version you downloaded and installed. You can keep using it forever, but you will not be able to upgrade.

Q: What happens if I cancel my Annual Support contract?

A: Well, you can’t actually cancel it, since you bought a full year subscription, but you can decide not to renew your subscription. The support contract gets set up by default to automatically renew, so if you decide to end it, you have to go into your user account and turn auto renew off. If at the end of your year you choose not to renew, your subscription will lapse.

Q: Do I have to upgrade to the very latest version of Media Composer (MC8)?

A: Avid will make available to all current subscribers not only the latest version of Media Composer, but the last two major releases as well. So today that means you get access to MC8, MC7 or MC 6.5.

Q: What if I have Avid Symphony?

A: Avid has a support plan for you as well. For just $285 you get the same benefits as the Media Composer Support contract, plus any and all updates for your Symphony option as well. You do not need to purchase a Media Composer support plan and a Symphony support plan. You only need the Annual Support Plan from Symphony for $285

Q: What 3rd party software or upgrades do I get with my renewal/support plan?

A: None. Your renewal is just for the Avid software. Any 3rd party software you already own you can keep using. If you need to upgrade any of the titles, you will have to upgrade that software separately. Call the Videoguys at 800-323-2325 and we’d be happy to help you get the upgrades you need.

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