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New & Improved Navigation and Search.
Our number one goal in designing and developing the new site was to make it easier for YOU to find the products and information you came looking for on

  • Are you checking in to see the top-selling products, bundles and new products available for video editing and production? If so just scroll down the home page or pull down the FEATURES tab for FEATURED PRODUCTS, MONEY-SAVING BUNDLES and new items that are NOW IN STOCK!
  • Are you searching for a specific item from Adobe, Apple or Avid? We've made it even easier to find every product from every manufacturer. If you still can't find the product you're looking for be sure to check the "VIDEOGUYS OTHER VENDORS" menu or do a keyword search from the top of any page.
  • Speaking of keyword search... Our New and Improved SEARCH engine will help you find everything you need. The layout was inspired by Google and at the top of the page you will find links to all of the VIDEOGUYS' GUIDES and BLOG POSTS related to your search. The remainder of the page will have the related products to your search.
  • Are you looking for a product to help you accomplish a specific task in your production workflow but you're not sure what you need? Go to the BY CATEGORY menu and you'll find all the products we have. If you're new to video editing the GETTING STARTED category is a great place to start. If you're looking for a Compositing and Animation Software you can go to the CATEGORY > VIDEO SOFTWARE and at the top of the search results you will see a pull down menu to select the sub-category COMPOSITING & ANIMATION.

FOCUSED NAVIGATION! In addition to the Navigation and search tool already mentioned you may also narrow down the results on most pages by selecting
PC / MAC / ALL on the top of the screen.

The SPECIAL, ACADEMIC and BUNDLE pages may all be sorted to just show the products compatible with your operating system! You can
register for the new site with your e-mail address and a unique password and select your primary operating system. When you make that selection the pages will be sorted for you automatically for the rest of your visit and every time you visit us again and log-in. You may also change this selection manually by clicking on the top of the screen any time you want.

The Videoguys have built our reputation on having the best customer service and support in the industry along with hundreds of helpful articles and reviews. We're happy to say that even though the e-commerce engine has moved to a state-of-the-art engine that the same great content is still available as well.

  • Blog GuideCheck the articles and reviews that have made the Videoguys' techs famous! Just click the grey GUIDES button at the top of any page for our exclusive editorial articles or click here to check out the new GUIDES page now
  • If you'd like to stay on top of the daily news in the video editing and production industry the VIDEOGUYS BLOG is the place for you! We have brought over years of archived posts and have already started adding to them! Just use the NEWS BLOG button at the top of any page or click here to check out the blog or use the orange RSS image or this link to subscribe to the Videoguys' Blog RSS feed to add to your favorite reader.
  • You can also find related GUIDES and BLOG POSTS from the top of any keyword search. The first few results will appear right at the top of your search results page but you will get a full count and a link to all related articles as well. (as pictured)
  • TAGS! Since the site first launched we have been busy adding additional navigation tools. You can now see a "HOT TAGS" section on the right hand column of the Videoguys Guides and Blogs section that will allow you to quickly bring up all of the articles related to either the tags we use most often (Most Used) or the tags our readers are most interested in (Most Viewed). This is an excellent tool if you're just window shopping or want to stay on top of the latest buzz in the video editing and production business.

Now, every item we sell has its own dedicated product page with up-to-date information and specs. Every product will include 1-4 tabs including all the information you need. If there is no information available in the tab it will disappear on its own to make your navigation on the site faster and easier than ever!

  • OVERVIEW - General description and key features on the item
  • DETAILS - Lots, lots, lots more information... we like the scroll bar so we'll stuff in all the information we can find here to help answer all your questions
  • SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS - Obviously we'll include the information you need to know to make sure your system is compatible with this product but this field will also include additional information such as software upgrade requirements and links to technical white papers when available.
  • VIDEOGUYS NOTES - Just like it sounds... this TAB will include notes from our techs and links to additional resources we think will help you decide if the product is right for you. We guarantee this will become your most valuable resource on the new
  • We also have a "Wild Card" tab that will change based on the product and the information we want to share. For example: If you're looking at an Adobe software program this tab may include links to Upgrades and bundles however if you're checking out a Datavideo switcher this link would include Mobile and Had-carried studio bundles that we offer.

Color wheelsITEM USABILITY RATINGS has a huge catalog of video editing and production equipment for everyone from the beginning hobbyist to the seasoned pro. We have now made it easier for ever for you to determine if the product you are looking at is really right for your needs. Every item has a "USABILITY" color wheel meter beneath the buy button and this is what it all means:

  • ONE COLOR WHEEL = Great for Everyone.
    Whether you’re a beginner or pro these products and accessories are the perfect addition to your video editing and production project.
  • TWO COLOR WHEELS = Getting started.
    These products are designed for the home hobbyist just getting started in video editing. These products are perfect for editing home movies, vacation videos and family functions, and more. They’re easy to use and often support a wide range video equipment – old and new.
  • THREE COLOR WHEELS = Independent Professional.
    These products are designed for the video editor who spends so much time in front of their computer that they’re no longer a beginner. These products are perfect for students and indie film artists, wedding and event videographers and corporate video productions. These products emphasize speed, advanced features and enhanced workflow and often require a more powerful computer system.
  • FOUR COLOR WHEELS = Professional & Broadcast.
    These products are mission critical and task specific. Professional editors and broadcast personnel work in teams and rely on specialists to handle different aspects of the production. These products are designed without budget limitations as long as they can provide a valuable piece in the digital content creation process. These products are also perfect for long form work including documentaries.

Blu-ray Bundles

We specialize in helping you get EVERYTHING you need for your video editing and production system all in one place. We have configured several MONEY-SAVINGS BUNDLES for our most popular products and solutions.

Just go to the FEATURES tab at the top of any page and then to MONEY SAVING BUNDLES to find all the special packages our tech have put together.

Once you find a BUNDLE that's right for you and you go to the bundle page you will also see quick-links to learn more about each product in the bundle!

Another feature of the site that we have been working on for over a year is now ready in BETA and will be fully released in early 2010. Our loyal and longest Videoguys' customers may remember a web order form we had back in the 1990s called the Kitchen Sink Configurator which was so aptly named by our creative staff because it allowed you to add everything but the Kitchen Sink. We have re-engineered that tool with the state-of-the-art shopping cart technology for you to use today. When a Configurator is available for an item you are interested in you will see the link at the bottom of the item page and that will allow you select from other products that our tech's have carefully selected to be compatible with your system. The Videoguys' Configurator is based on two basic principals: 1) Easily get everything you need 2) The more you add to your cart, THE MORE YOU SAVE!

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