Zeality is Creating a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Virtual Reality

Screen Shot 05-11-16 at 01.06 PMAs our blog readers know, we have taken a keen interest in VR. Virtual Reality is poised to revolutionize the way we consume content. Our good friend Dipak Patel, formerly a top executive at G-Technology, has launched Zeality. Zeality's lofty goal is to create a "Unique Ecosystem That Encourages New and Engaging Experiences Through the Creation of Premium Virtual Reality and 360 Content". Something I think will help launch VR beyond it's current niche.

Why the VR World Needs a Comprehensive Ecosystem

With a bunch of virtual reality gadgets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive buzzing around the marketplace, as well as a slew of 360° cameras that allow consumers to create content for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, people have the ability to engage in (almost) real life experiences that they never thought possible just a few years ago. From embarking on an African safari to running routes with the newest NFL draft picks to observing cancer surgery, VR and 360° content promises to transform the way we interact with technology and each other. However, as many will agree, VR has a long way to go until it is widely accepted by the general public. That’s why we created Zeality – based off our desire to bring VR and 360° experiences to as many people as possible, we’re taking a whole new approach to social engagement and content. We’ve created a new ecosystem for content creators to deliver premium content to communities as well as promote deeper engagement between stories, brands, and audiences/fans. Not only do we want to empower these brands, but we also want to partner with other content distributors in the broader VR community – from large companies like Nokia and G-Technology to new production companies like Light Sail VR to new media companies like RYOT News to startups like Retinad VR – to help ensure that the entire industry is successful. As the founder of Zeality and having more than 20 years of Silicon Valley wear and tear, I am excited to put all my energy into the success of this company. The reason is that I believe we’re are experiencing a once in a lifetime disruption that is rocking both media and technology. The very art of storytelling is being re-imagined. The plumbing and tools to create content are being transformed. The fundamental human behavior of “experiencing” content is being challenged. And, existing business models in content and media are poised for further disruption. This requires a new way of thinking as it relates to company building and creating value. Now more than ever, the creative and innovation communities are joining forces to create whole new models of working together. As such, I’ve recruited top talent across all aspects of the market to ensure that we’ve create the most comprehensive ecosystem for VR and 360° content. On behalf of all the folks here at Zeality, we want to be a driving force of change to take VR and 360° content to the mainstream. ZEALITY: WHAT WE DO In an exciting new market, it’s extremely important to share what we don’t do. We are not a production company, but we want to work with the world’s best like River Studios,Supersphere VR, HeadcaseVR, and Mirada. We’re also NOT building the fundamental tools like cameras or workflow solutions, but we want to work with them all. So as VR production and viewing tools become more advanced, Zeality aims to be a go-to platform to share, experience and discover 360° content. Whether you’re searching for a behind-the-scenes look into an NFL locker room or backstage access to your favorite artist’s concert, we fans and audiences come to Zeality to browse the latest, most impactful VR and 360° content and stories. The Zeality ecosystem partners with both brands and creators to build interactive content with customizable levels of engagement to link with their most important audiences and drive business profitability. We’ve already formed some great partnerships with high-profile brands such as the San Francisco 49ers, Visa, RYOT News and Reebok, to name just a few. By building strong relationships with the world’s best producers and creators, we are working to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Hollywood with VR and 360° video experiences that transform everyday environments into unforgettable experiences. WORLD CLASS TEAM I feel fortunate to have been able to form a phenomenal leadership team at Zeality with decades of media and technology experience. We’re seeking to explore how people can connect, share and discover using today’s VR technology more efficiently, as well as examine the long-term potential for this new kind of fully immersive, rapidly developing content. read more...

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