Zelinizing NAB 2012! Bob Zelin: The Future is Wide Open

Creative COW by Bob Zelin

NAB2012 was a dramatic trade show. I credit this to the demise of Apple's Final Cut Pro 7, and the possible demise of the Mac Pro computer.

I say this because if FCP 8 had come out, people would have spent their $299 for it and nothing would have changed. But Apple had everyone asking, "What do we do now?!?" And so the scramble was on for Adobe CS6, Avid Media Composer 6/Symphony 6, and the big surprise, Smoke 2013. And there was SO MUCH Thunderbolt, all because of the threat of the demise of the Mac Pro, as people considered a future of nothing but iMacs and laptops.

Other people have been seriously considering a future on Windows, maybe for the first time, and looked at HP and ProMAX workstations because of this.

With no FCP 8, and possibly no more Mac Pro (a Mac with slots), everything changes. All kinds of companies, all over the show, were getting ready for a wide open future.

Upon walking onto the show floor, we were confronted with the massive Blackmagic Design Booth. New product after new product was introduced, and the only reaction over and over again was: WOW! read more...

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