Zoom H2n Audio Recorder Review

Videomaker by Mark Holder

For budget friendly, uber audio, check out the Zoom H2n Audio Recorder.

We're all familiar with the truism that poor video may be forgiven as long as the audio is great, while the best video will suffer if the audio is lousy. Whether short film or feature, Hollywood blockbuster or local independent, the quality of your audio will make or break your production faster than any other single component.

Today's cameras produce better images than ever before but usually are lacking in the onboard audio department. You could invest in a prosumer or professional level camcorder complete with XLR connectors, as well as a high quality shotgun mic, boom pole and loads of cable. But what if you either haven't got the budget for such items or you already have a consumer camcorder or DSLR? It shoots great video but the audio stinks; how can you capture audio with quality to match the images your camera produces without breaking the bank?

That's where the Zoom H2n by Samson Technologies comes in. These guys are breaking new ground on a budget and for a couple hundred dollars you can capture fabulous audio to go with your awesome images. read more...

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