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I have been using portable field recorders for over 15 years now and have recorded onto pretty much every audio media right from the good old Tascam portadats to the sound devices 788

Over the years I have been amazed by how the size of a portable recording kit have been coming down. It has now reached a point where you can pretty much point and record professional quality audio with a small little handheld device like the Zoom H4n Digital Recorder.

Samson, the company behind the Zoom line of products has been making portable recorders for a while now and they have taken customer feedback gathered from their previous products like the H2 & H4 and distilled it into the Zoom H4n. Simply put, the H4n is everything that users had been asking for over the years.

Honestly, I was initially a little skeptical about the quality of Zoom’s audio recording. After trying it out for a few months, I can confidently say that this Digital Recorder does some seriously good quality audio recording, especially for its size and price.

The feature list on this digital recorder is exhaustive enough to cater to everyone right from musicians wanting to record their rehearsals to sound guys using this as their backup recorder. read more...

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ZOOM H4n Four-Channel Handy Recorder $269.95 Samson ZOOM H2n Handy Recorder $175.00

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