At we pride ourselves on offering the best technical advice, customer service and technical support in the industry. Our trained staff is here to answer your questions before, during and after the sale so it's always nice to hear from our loyal customers.

Here are just some of the rave reviews we've received at Videoguys! (Thank You!)

I have been most impressed by the customer service from your company.  I’ll definitely be giving you more business in the future when we need to purchase more renewals or extra licenses and it looks like you carry more than software too.  Please keep me informed of any good coupons I can use on future orders and have a great day!

WOW, you rock! Thanks for your excellent pre-sales support this week.

Wonderful! Once again, thanks for your speedy reply & all your help.

You guys are the best, of course, which is why I keep coming to you first.

FANTASTIC! I was truly surprised and amazed at the service and CRAZY SPEEDY. I went to another vendor in Maryland at first, but they didn't have it and couldn't get me a good time as to when they'd get any. And I really needed it yesterday!

Called Videoguys who were on the east coast and they said they'd be getting some in this week so I placed my order over the phone.

I was a little worried about doing that, but all fears are gone now. TWO DAYS later a box is at my door!!

I will most likely get ALL of my video needs from them, even if I go cross country I will order from them. Good service is GOLDEN and first impressions are everything, Videoguys has made an AMAZING first impression on me.

Customer for life

Great company, I have used them for years, and yes I'm in the business of video production.

Oustanding, honest and caring...had a prob with the order, was not video guys fault, the manufacturer put the wrong item in mislabeled box....Video guys, bent over backwards to make it all right and had the right product the very next day to me....that's why I came back to them and will return in the future...Their service is tops..thanks Gary

This is one of the finest online retailers I have dealt with. Extremely knowledgeable in their field and VERY fair pricing and customer service policies.

This is an excellent retailer. They definitely know video and have a great selection. The people with whom I spoke (customer service) are very friendly and courteous. Their website has got more product information than any review I've seen. They are an excellent resource.

For several years my company has dealt with another large video vendor. This year, sparked by what was going to be our largest video gear upgrade in many years, I decided to give the Videoguys a try. They had some excellent packages.

In short, the service was superb, they worked with us on the packages and pricing, and we could not have been more pleased with them.

Very well done guys, and much appreciated. We have some future purchases coming, and some of that business will come to you as well.

I have just completed a version of the DIY machine and I feel compelled to say, "Thanks!" Your component list saved me from having to wade through a bunch of options and I must say it is the best setup I've ever had. Thanks again!

Ok I have been racking my brain for several months now on updating my main video editing workstation. Was thinking of forking over serious dollars for a new workstation but then I found your DIY build articles and said "Thats for me!" I found everything on your list and, My GOD THIS THING IS SWEET!!!! You guys ROCK....Money saved will be put to new gear. Thanks for putting up kick butt articles like you do on your site.

I cannot believe how quickly my order was processed! Thank you so much for getting the product to my door so fast. I am trying to start my own small videography business and I am VERY upstart at this point. Every penny matters right now and you guys helped me meet my budget. I will definitely consider you for future purchases!

Thank you for your commitment to superior customer service. I placed a post on the forum at regarding your excellent service; the way you have handled this matter is just one more reason why I will use Videoguys for all of my video needs. I will also tell anyone and everyone that the service and customer care received from Videoguys is second to none. Best wishes and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Received my package today.Thank you so very much for all your friendly assistance with this exchange. Videoguys customer satisfaction policy is outstanding, as is your neighborly, personalized service. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for the help you gave us. This project has been a total success and you played a large part in that. We love the TriCaster and appreciate your great customer service.

Wow and Wow again . . . . You folks have to be the best company I have every dealt with in my 27 years in the video business.

I was not expecting you to send anything, but simply to point me in a good direction. You make my video life so wonderful and every call or email response to and from your operation always leaves me with a happy smile.

Just wanted to let you know how great value your DIY pages have been to me. Thanks for all you and your guys do to this video-community!!