Videoguys' Top Products of 2022

Atomos Shogun CONNECT

The Atomos Shogun Connect is the flagship device of the new Atomos Connect Family that expands on the production capabilities that made Atomos famous (monitor, record, playback) with connected
features that support integrated and cloud-based workflows.

BirdDog P240 PTZ Camera

The new P240 camera offers a high-quality Sony image sensor with an impressive 40x optical zoom that will help in a lot of installations – especially large churches, lecture halls or other venues.

NETGEAR M4250 Desktop Switches

NETGEAR expanded the line with two desktop models that are just as easy to set-up and use but are built into the compact form factor perfect for portable solutions and small studios.

NewTek TriCaster Mini X

The TriCaster Mini X is the perfect combination of compact and powerful. This latest edition of the
TriCaster Mini X combines the HDMI I/O from the previous TriCaster Mini HD4 with the improved power and performance of the TriCaster Mini 4K with the ability to adeptly handle both HDMI and NDI sources with ease.

Kiloview N50 and N60 NDI Converters

The new Kiloview N50 and N60 converters insure that you get everything you need for your workflow. These converters support 4K resolutions through HDMI (N60) or 12G SDI (N50) with bi-directional conversion to any NDI protocol you need including fullbandwidth NDI and high-efficiency NDI|HX 3 or NDI|HX 2.

Canon CR-N500 PTZ Camera

The Canon CR-N500 PTZ Camera is an impressive 4K PTZ camera with 1” image sensor and flexibility to work in HDMI, SDI, USB, NDI|HX and SRT workflows. The most impressive part of this camera though is the renowned Canon Color Science with support for wide dynamic range and Canon Log 3 combined with the dual pixel autofocus and optical image stabilization.

MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro Autotracking Software

Polymotion Chat Pro works with every top PTZ camera on the market and we can help you build the best bundles that fit your productions including Panasonic, BirdDog, PTZOptics, Canon cameras and more. Polymotion Chat Pro uses AI technology to do more than any other solution available.

YoloLiv Instream (plus ALL of the YoloBox Pro Updates)

The YoloLiv Instream was introduced this year as the world’s first vertical video production system with direct integration to TikTok and Instagram. Now content creators can easily use multiple cameras to share their next story on these popular vertical formats.

The YoloLivYoloBox Pro has received so many updates and upgrades this year that it is so much more than the award winning product from last year’s list and has to be awarded again.

Telestream Wirecast Gear 3

The Telstream Wirecast Gear 3 is the fastest and most efficient generation of the Wirecast turnkey live production system. Choose from HD or 4K, HDMI or SDI, all with the CPU and GPU power to support NDI productions, remote guests, and all of the production capabilities of Wirecast Pro.

Epiphan + Video Grabbers

These USB video grabbers require no drivers. Just plug them in and they work! Add these to your tools before you set out for a production and you will have what you need to bring an HDMI or SDI camera to USB for direct integration in conferencing tools like Zoom or Teams or even as another video source in software like OBS or Wirecast.

LiveU Solo PRO

The LiveU Solo PRO adds support for 4K resolutions, HEVC encoding, 5g connectivity and up to 4 cellular modems. All of this combined means you will get higher resolution streams in a more efficient bandwidth with the latest in cellular bonded technology and LiveU’s
broadcast quality solutions to stream your event live from anywhere.

SanDisk Professional Pro Blade series

SanDisk Professional is taking all of the technology for reading drives and putting it into the PRO-BLADE Transport and the (soon to come) PRP-BLADE Station. This allows you to buy SSD storage like razor blades – inexpensive add-ons to your workflow that can be changed at will, managed by project, and shared in an ultra-portable solution.