LiveU Lightweight Production Bundles

Designed for you to support clients of all sizes and budgets.

Whether it’s a single or multi-camera production, a fixed per unit cost will provide you with the flexibility to build a solution for any customer by paying only for the events you produce.

You stay in control of your own costs and can scale up or scale down as required, giving you a risk-free way to expand your production capacity.

What is the Lightweight Production Bundle?

Pay as you go or Yearly plan that includes the hardware encoder, data, and access to LiveU Studios cloud-based switching platform​

LU300S or LU800

Data Including LRT

LiveU Studio

LiveU Cloud Production

Your Production Partner

Multiple Bundles

Choose the right encoder. Between otheLU300S or the LU800, you'll get the high-quality solution you need

Massive Savings

It's simple. Pay when you use it. This cost-effective solution allows you to save costs on every production.

More Events

The REMI Production solution allows you to produce more events, all from one centralized location.

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