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The Videoguys understand that unfortunatley not all PCs are created equal. As a result, not everyones install and set up goes completely right the first time. We understand this because we set up, install and test every new board when it first ships. We feel that our database of tech support problems and solutions is the best in the industry. As a service to not only our customers, but digital videographers everywhere, we are now making available this valuable information FREE to you on our website!!

Videoguys Tech Support Hotline (516) 759-1615

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Improve your NLE Video Editing systems performance

Often the key to getting great quality video is in the fine tuning. Making sure you have all the right settings and having everything properly installed will give you the best possible performance. Our tech support pages are updated constantly, to make sure you get all the latest info. Before you even install your new card, you may want to download the latest drivers. We are confident that if you take the time to read and follow the instructions on these pages not only will your system perform better, your install will go much smoother!!

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System Recommendations for Video Editing

We get asked all the time, "What computer system should I use for video editing? This page was created to give you some basic guidelines. We discuss the latest and greatest technologies and let you know if we recommend them or not. We also outline what kind of computer you need for the different levels of DTV. This page includes a list of known potential compatibility issues and hardware/software to stay away from. If you are getting a new computer for your NLE system, this page will save you time and money!!!

Videoguys Do-It-Yourself NLE Computer Guides

Back in Febuary of 2004 we posted our first DIY article as a guidebook for digital videographers who wanted to build their own NLE computer on a tight budget. For more than 10  years, one of the world's leading resellers of Non-Linear Video editing solutions, has been publishing our DIY articles as a service to our customers and the internet community. Our guides have been recommended by video editing, post production, gaming and general computer blogs, websites and user forums all over the world.

Videoguys DIY 11

Our new tech guy, Scott Smith, has completed our much anticipated new DIY11 build in March, 2015. It’s a screamer! The goal was to put together a top notch NLE & Streaming machine for around $1,500. Scott did the research and the build is complete and tested. Holy smokes! This machine runs lightning fast, the case is whisper quiet and the NLE performance is superb. Great job Scott!

Videoguys' Storage FAQ

One of the most confusing things about digital video editing is the storage requirement. In this article the Videoguys Techs will help you better understand just what kind of storage you'll need for your video productions. Mac or PC based video editors face the same storage challenges and questions, and we've got the straight forward answers you need!

NEW! Videoguys' Forum: Now part of the Creative Cow Communities

Join our growing community of digital videographers all over the world! Our new message boards are easy to navigate and searchable. Even more important, our message boards feature active participation from our sales and tech support team


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Some great links to other very informative DTV sites on the web. Many of these sites list The Desk Top Video Handbook On Line and some of have been given permission to reproduce parts of our site.

There is also a list of some very good list servers for some of the most popular boards, software and more. Not only do you get the list of lists, but I give you all the info you need to subscribe!!