360Rize Announces Timecode 360 Video Sync for VR Filiming

Timecode Systems and 360RIZE have joined forces to develop a unique virtual reality (VR) acquisition solution that delivers the efficiency benefits of professional standard timecode synchronization to VR and 360 filming. Dubbed SyncBac VR, the companies’ joint solution combines a new, bespoke 360RIZE multi-camera rig designed to house GoPro HERO4 cameras with SyncBac PRO units attached, with VR-friendly updates to Timecode Systems’ SyncBac PRO sync product for GoPro cameras and BLINK Hub app. See more at http://www.360rize.com/2017/04/new-360-vr-tools-from-360rize-and-timecode-systems-combine-to-offer-the-most-streamlined-pro-vr-solution-on-the-market/ At the 2017 NAB Show, Timecode Systems (Central Hall) is inviting delegates to join them at booth C2746 to experience this exciting new technology and see how it integrates with all their solutions to create the most cohesive VR workflow solution on the market. 360Rize (North Hall) would also like to invite everyone to join them at NAB 2017 booth N318VR to see the complete line of 360 Plug-n-Play™ modular gear.

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