Live streaming is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Select the LiveU Solo Encoder

LiveU Solo is available in 2 models (HDMI or SDI and HDMI) to accept all of your video sources. Just connect your camera, switcher or live production system to the LiveU Solo and get ready to stream from anywhere!

LiveU Solo HDMI & SDI

The LiveU Solo portable live video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera source to any online destination.



Solo PRO joins the LiveU Solo family of plug-and-play encoders for on-the-go live content. Now with 4K and HEVC video quality and the reliability of 5G connectivity


Step 2: Add a SoloConnect Starter Kit for the Cellular Modems you need

The LiveU Solo encoders actually support up to 4 simultaneous network connections that may all be bonded together for the most reliable streaming from anywhere. Connect the LiveU Solo to a hardwired network, to WiFi, and to 2 USB cellular modems included in the Starter Kit 2. When a WiFi network is not available you can use the SoloConnect 3 package and the included MiFi hotspot for increased bandwidth and reliability.

* Note: USB modems and MiFi hotspot models may vary based on availability but all units will be tested for the best performance with SoloConnect.

LiveU Solo Connect 2 Modem Starter Kit 


LiveU Solo Connect 3 Modem Starter Kit


Step 3: Activate your Unlimited Data Plans with LiveU using the SoloConnect Services

Once you receive the LiveU Solo with SoloConnect bundle you will register it with LiveU and activate your unlimited data plan directly with them. These plans all include the LRT cloud service.
The SoloConnect 2 two modem kit requires a 2 modem unlimited data plan with LRT Cloud server for just $295 per month or $2,950 per year (prepaid). 

The SoloConnect 3 two USB modem plus MiFi kit requires a 3 modem unlimited data plan with LRT Cloud server for just $435 per month or $4,350 per year (prepaid). 

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