A Course Study on PTZ Cameras - Beginner to Advanced Workflows

On Today's Videoguys Live, James goes over everything you need to know about all the PTZ Camera options Videoguys offers and all their capabilities as well as the workflows they fit into.

Watch the full webinar below:

What is a PTZ Camera?

  • A robotic video camera controlled by a remote operator ​
  • Easy, automated production workflow with other software technologies for recording and live streaming directly to content delivery networks like Facebook and YouTube.

What are the Advantages of a PTZ Camera?

  • Can be mounted out of sight. Walls, Ceilings, Tripod, etc.​
  • Install first, position camera after​
  • Single operator can control multiple cameras​

Installation is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4​

  1. Find your mounting location and be sure to get the proper mount and hardware​
  2. Provide power​
  3. Feed video to your production system​
  4. Provide control​

Installation Tips!​

  • Avoid balconies or other locations prone to vibration ​
  • Consider lighting​
  • Test in the same environment as the event​


  • Plug into the wall with a dedicated power supply​
  • POE Power over Ethernet with power from POE network switch over Cat6 Cable​

PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++​

  • PoE – 15.4 Watts​
  • PoE+ – 30 Watts​
  • PoE++ (Ultra) – 60-100 Watts depending on version (Type 3 and Type 4)​
  • Total Power Delivery (TPD)​
  • The Maximum amount of Power a switch can deliver​
  • A PoE+ switch with 60 Watts TPD can only power 2 PoE+ cameras no matter how many ports it has​

Which PTZ Camera is right for me?​
+ High-speed, high resolution connection BUILT for video​
- Expensive cabling not recommended for long runs over 50’​
+ Excellent for long runs. Common in sports production​
- Cable runs may be difficult to retrofit in building, churches​
+ Just 1 Cable needed for video, power & control​
+ Perfect for retrofit applications & flexible production use​

Control Options​

  • IR Remote​
  • Serial RS422 control with daisy chain from 1 camera to the next​
  • Visca over IP control over Cat6​
  • Control over NDI​

NDI - 1 Cable to Do it All​

  • Cat 6 cable provides power from POE switch, Control over IP, NDI video anywhere on the network​

NETGEAR M4250 Series Network Switches Built for NDI​

Starting at $599.99
Starting at $609.99

BirdDog PTZ Cameras

  • P100 1080P 10x full NDI PTZ Camera with SDI
  • P110 10x Full NDI PTZ Camera
  • P120 20x Full NDI PTZ Camera
  • P200 1080P 30x Full NDI PTZ Camera w/Sony Sensor & HDMI/3G-SDI
  • P240 40x Optical Zoom 1080P Full NDI PTZ Camera
  • P400 20x10-Bit NDI 4K PTZ Camera
  • P4K 12x Full NDI PTZ Camera
  • A200 IP67 Weatherproof 30x Full NDI PTZ Camera w/Sony Sensor & SDI
  • A300 IP67 Extreme Weatherproof 30x Full NDI PTZ Camera w/Sony Sensor & SDI

Canon PTZ Cameras

NewTek PTZ Cameras

Panasonic Connect PTZ Cameras

  • AW-HE20 12x Full-HD PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI, HDMI, IP & USB Output
  • AW-UE20 12x 4K PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI, HDMI, IP & USB Output
  • AW-UE40 24x 4K PTZ Camera
  • AW-UE50 24x 4K PTZ Camera
  • AW-UE80 24x 4K/60P w/ SDI & HDMI, Full NDI PTZ Camera
  • AW-HE145 Full-HD 60P Integrated PTZ with 20X Zoom
  • AW-UE100 24x 4K NDI Professional PTZ Camera
  • AW-UE150 UHD 4K 20x PTZ Camera

PTZOptics PTZ Cameras

RGBlink PTZ Cameras

What is Auto Tracking?

  • It is exactly what it sounds like​
  • A PTZ that will follow a subject without the need for manual control​

Auto Tracking Capabilities​

Auto Tracking Advanced Capabilities​

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