Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Latest Release Supercharges Performance, Debuts SpeedGrade

DV by Oliver Peters

Editors looking for an alternative to Apple Final Cut Pro view Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 as the logical choice, but there’s more to this release than just a hypothetical FCP 8. I’ve reviewed and used each version of Adobe’s Creative Suite for many years and can say that Premiere Pro is one of the few NLEs in which each new version exhibits tangible performance improvements. Creative Suite 6 follows that trend, with performance tweaks and expanded GPU usage in Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Adobe’s video bundle, CS6 Production Premium, is an end-to-end workflow solution covering ingest to distribution. Adobe Prelude (ingest, transcode and logging) becomes the substitute for OnLocation, which was geared toward the tape-based world. SpeedGrade adds film-style color grading to the package. Production Premium is a 6 GB file download, plus there’s an additional 21 GB of optional sound effects and music loops that Adobe customers may also download for free.

A Focus on Performance
With Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe focused on performance improvements and an overhaul of the user interface. There’s better use of screen real estate for functional tasks, less blank space, and you now have the ability to turn off buttons and displays. As folks say, “There’s less chrome.” The idea was to make Premiere Pro look and feel closer to the experience of NLEs like Apple FCP “legacy” and Avid Media Composer. Premiere Pro offers the most direct translation and shortest learning curve for editors moving over from Final Cut, but it is still different—mostly in good ways. read more...

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